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Payment Tips:

If you are using Credit / Debit Card, please click Checkout, insert all shipping details and it will allow you to paid to our account. If you using other payment method to complete the orders, you may choose to "pay offline" or kindly contact us via phone/email/whatapps. Should you have any queries, please feel free to contact at +852 3709 2837 for further assistance.


​如你打算使用Credit / Debit Card (信用卡) 結帳,請直接按Checkout,輸入送貨地址資料後,系統會允許你使用VISA, Master Card, AE等信用卡付款到我們的帳戶,安全快捷,即使沒有PayPal帳戶亦可安心付款。如你想使用其他形式付款,你亦可以選擇 "線下付款" 或利用電話/電郵/whatapps 等方法​聯繫我們跟進。

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